— About Me

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I am the Cook behind The Well-Fed Family!

My name is Flora, and I am the main cook behind this blog!

Growing up in a big family with entrepreneurial parents was a unique experience that shaped who I am today. With both of my parents running their businesses, particularly my busy mother, our household was always bustling with activity.

As an ambitious entrepreneur, my mother was determined to empower us to become independent individuals, which meant that my older sister and I had to shoulder significant responsibilities and learn essential life skills from an early age.

My sister and I were constantly bickering over chores. Fed up with our fighting and unfinished tasks, our mother decided to take matters into her own hands and sit both of us down. 

She asked us what tasks we actually enjoyed doing. I happily volunteered for cooking, while my sister preferred cleaning and tidying the house. It was a match made in chore heaven!

From that day forward, we divided our responsibilities accordingly. Occasionally, we’d switch roles to keep things interesting and ensure we could handle both tasks proficiently.

Little did we know, these skills would serve us well as we became mothers ourselves. Our mother’s intervention was truly a gift that keeps on giving!

Flora Blaik

How I started Cooking in the first place?

Back then, I didn’t fully grasp how much I would come to love cooking. The kitchen became my canvas where my artistic self emerged.

Whipping up delicious dishes brought me immense joy, especially when I cooked for my loved ones.

It wasn’t until later, after reading about the Five Love Languages by Dr Gary Chapman, that I realised serving others through food was my love language. It all made sense. Cooking and nourishing the people I care about became a profound expression of love for me.

It’s incredible how something as simple as preparing a meal can speak volumes of affection and bring immeasurable happiness to both myself and those I cherish.

— My Motto

Where flavours come alive, and love is served!

In the realm of my kitchen, I embrace a simple motto: “Where flavours come alive, and love is served.” Through the art of cooking, I infuse every dish with vibrant tastes and heartfelt passion. With each bite, I aim to create a culinary experience that nourishes both body and soul, leaving unforgettable memories.

Discover satisfying and crave-worthy dishes from our menu that will leave you wanting more.