Flora (on the left) Pascal (on the right) Clarisse our eldest (on the right) and Cleopatre on the left.

About Us

Thank you for stopping by and for especially clicking on this page to learn a little about us. We are a family of four. Consisting of my husband Pascal and our two beautiful daughters Clarisse and Cleopatra. 

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Let us take you on a journey that started back in 2014 when Pascal and I first met.

Our first trip to Paris. I had so much cheese and croissants like it was no one’s business.

Our Food-Centric Cultures

We both come from cultures that celebrate food and in the early days of our relationship, we indulged in all the delicious food that was around us. I am South Sudanese by nationality. And growing up food was at the core of everything in my family.

Bonding Over Food as Family and Community

We sat around the table in the evenings and shared stories while we ate. At times we invited Neighbours or went to share a meal with them. So, food was a way of bonding as a family and a community.

When we visit relatives, we bring food to share, and when we visit someone who is unwell, a pregnant woman or a nursing mum, we bring special food to nurture them back to health. So yes, food is literally in the centre of everything in my culture. 


Similarly, for my husband who is French and from the beautiful island of Guadeloupe, food is more than just nourishment, it’s a social event. Meals are seen as a time to gather with family and friends, enjoy each other’s company and savour the flavours of food.

I’m not sure what it was about this picture, but this was the day I realised that I had gained weight.

Food as a Love Language

So, you can now understand why our lives revolve around food so much. And why we spent the first few months of meeting eating so much. It was and is still the way we show love and care for each other. 

When we made the decision

But as much as we love food, we soon realised that our love for it was leading us down an unhealthy path. I had gained a good amount of weight by that point in a very short amount of time and knew that I had to change something.

From overindulging to a Healthier Lifestyle

I joined a gym by that point and shortly after my husband joined me. We basically tried to outwork our diet at first, and as they say, you can’t outwork a bad diet. We knew we had to change the way we eat. So, we began learning about nutrition. And as we started to make healthier choices, we could instantly feel the difference. We felt the energy increase, sleep quality was improving and of course, the weight was slowing coming off. 


Balancing Taste and Health: Our Journey to a well-Fed Life

You would think this is where the story ends, but not so fast. Making a lifestyle change is simple, but not easy at all. Like many, we thought eating healthy meant having plain chicken and broccoli every day. And this was not going to be sustainable in the long run of course. We both grow up eating lots of spices, and food cooked with lots of flavours. We didn’t want to give up the flavours we grew up with. Instead, we came up with a solution to continue cooking the same way but with healthier alternatives.

This allowed us to maintain a well-balanced diet without sacrificing taste. And we did it, “one meal at a time

photo of Flora and Pascal
I was five months and a half pregnant with our eldest daughter (Clarisse)

Beyond ourselves

As our family grew, so did our passion for healthy living. When I became pregnant with our first child, we really honed in on the importance of nutrition during pregnancy. We realised our food choices would have a direct impact on the health and development of our little one.

Our experience during pregnancy only reinforced our belief that food is not just nourishment, but it’s also medicine. We believe that what you eat has the power to make a positive impact on your health and happiness. That’s why we are on a mission to spread this message and help others make positive changes to their diets, one meal at a time.

Our legacy!

It’s our mission to preserve our traditional recipes and leave a legacy for our children. It’s not just about the recipes themselves, but also about instilling the values of cooking as both a practical skill and a way of life.  Cooking nourishes not only the body but feeds the soul also, providing comfort and entertainment.

It all starts with basics, such as taking care of herbs in the garden and selecting the best products at the market! At the end of the day, developing the ability to prepare a meal will serve them greatly in many situations. 

The girls, in their element!
Flora (on the left) Pascal (on the right) Clarisse our eldest (on the right) and Cleopatre on the left.

We place a high value on teaching them about the impact food has on one’s overall well-being, including their physical performance and their emotional state. We strongly believe that there is a “right food” for every situation, and encourage our children to explore and discover this for themselves through learning, trying, and failing, by embarking on this epic journey in the kitchen.

And that’s our story – a journey of love, food, and the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, “one meal at a time”.